Bare Bottom Bunch
Be Wicked For A Week!!
Not for the feint of heart, Hedonism II exists for
one sole purpose. Pure, unadulterated
self-indulgence for the mind, body, spirit and
soul. Anything goes (almost). Shocking,
stimulating, always sexy, never stuffy -
Hedonism II has become legendary amongst
pleasure seekers worldwide. With its relaxed
attitude and endless activities - the good times
just keep on going.
Hedonism II is
Super-inclusive, which
means absolutely
everything is included in
one upfront price!
At Hedonism II, no tipping is allowed...and thats
good!!, you may not have any place to put a
Poolside, Hedonism II runs the gamut from mild
to wild - with swinging hammocks suspended
from the palm trees on the "prude" side to
swinging guests enjoying the time of their
lives on the "nude" side. And for the Beach
Lovers...Hedonism II Has It...7 Miles of Sand!!
The beauty of Hedo II is
that everyone is welcomed
with a smile. Guests are
free to participate in as
much or as little as they
desire...The only
rule...Have Fun!
Join us for New Years Eve
December 2
7 - January 5/2019
To Enter Click Here
Jamaica Awaits!!