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A Bare Bottom New Years 2013/14
Well, the Bare Bottom Bunch were in house over New Years again this year Dec 27 to
Jan 4th 2014...and looking forward to next years BBB NYE trip...Alas it's a 348 day wait.
Here are some events we ran of note that not only the group, but many other guests from
the resort participated in. Unfortunately our Nude Pool party was rained out on Saturday
afternoon with heavy rain for at least an hour which cleared the pool and we lost our DJ
to the main dining hall. Sunday Night saw our Rave party on the main pool deck. Complete
with DJ Mouse playing dance-able music rather than techno-pop. We rented lights and
smoke machines for an all out dance the night away party. Everyone seemed to dance
and party into the wee hours. Monday we had Lenbert drive us around on his "One Love
Bus" and 48 of us crammed onto the bus for a local bar crawl, with sunset on the cliffs.
Also the Bonfire on the beach at night was well attended. After 4 years of trying, the
weather finally co-operated and we were able to do this. Tuesday was New Years Eve,
but still a busy morning as about 60 people piled onto the catamaran for the Nude Cruise
or Whipped Cream cruise as it turned out, followed by an erotic gift exchange. Wed. was
hangover day, so at night we released 72 Chinese lanterns into the sky to welcome the
new year. Unfortunately the red ones seemed not to want to fly and ended up in the
ocean to be collected the next morning washed up on the beach by the hook. Picking up
the pace again Thursday with a frozen T-shirt contest and later at night in the Disco, what
has become a signature Bare Bottom Bunch event, we held our annual Foam Party. The
foam was excellent this year, well up to our shoulders, and a packed dance floor with
lots of groping made for a spectacular evening. Friday winding things up, we did our
public service and held Pussy Printing. Think fingerprinting children, however, this is an
adult service of Pussy and Penis printing so if your mate ever gets lost, you will have
something for the police or a milk carton to identify your significant other. Champagne
sunset on the beach was actually set up early by the resort for us, usually in Jamaica
everything is behind schedule...but this time they were 1/2 hour early, so we had the DJ
crank up the tunes and turned it into a beach party, with the EC's providing line dancing
lessons to whoever cared to join in, we ending up with about 100 enjoying a sunset that

The resort: Before our arrival, apparently they had some severe water issues, some
days no water for hours on end, next day only hot water, next only cold. A variety of
problems with their water infrastructure. We heard even the toilets were flushing
scalding water at one point. Thankfully they had the problems mostly rectified by the time
we arrived, so we had no issues ourselves. Although the water in our room was neither
hot, nor cold...but like Goldilocks...just right. After a hot day in the sun, a lukewarm
shower was good enough. We had an old style room with fresh paint, linens etc as
others have reported. We did visit a couple of the new rooms, they were nice, but lacked
adequate storage. They seem to be asking alot of money next year for the renovated,
now "premium" room, so time will tell if the market will support their pricing structure.
Many other areas of improvement were noted, again, many previously reported, but new
loungers, a few cubbies on the wall near the Hot Tub, new dining room furniture (but did
notice some of the bamboo had warped already in the humidity, so some chairs did not
sit on 4 legs any longer. There were 4 new Hobie sailboats, and a new raft was put into
place in the ocean to replace the one blown away 2 years ago in a wind storm. Toilets by
the piano Bar were pretty much not working all week, so had to trek to the main dining
room. Piano bar was well attended and the new singer does an awesome job. They were
painting, tiling, and still making improvements so we look forward to more changes for
the better to come.

Food was amazing this year, always something tasty to be found, different stations set
up each night. Some nights fresh crepes for dessert, a martini bar, the tempura shrimp
station we had a couple of nights was awesome and we gorged on shrimp. These
stations were set up remote and additional to the buffet line. Ate at Martino's once and
Harry San twice, the restaurant meals were up to par. Of course the NYE feast was
excellent, 2 lobster stations fresh off the grill and unlimited amounts. We did not see
them running out of any food or Liquor all week. Nude grill was improved, the pizza at
night was very good and a welcome addition, although the midnight Buffet in the dining
hall was much the same and could still use some variety. We miss our midnight Bacon

Weather: was one of the rainiest NYE weeks we've seen. Every day about 3 O'clock (Note
to self, plan activities for 2 PM rather than 3 PM next it seemed to rain for 15-20
minutes and then the sun would come out again, but man. in those few minutes it was a
deluge. May have had something to do with the polar freeze that everyone got up north.
We came home to more snow than every before. Sat. dec. 27 rained for 2 hours solid mid
afternoon. We talked to someone coming in from Cancun at airport at home and they
said they had 4 solid days, all day rain/drizzle/overcast. We should count ourselves lucky,
but highly unusual for this time of year. Temperature was consistant...85 F, felt like well
over 100 during the day, nights about 75 F, felt in upper 80's. So no problem being nekkid
sun up to well into the night!

The people of course make the week, and we had 104 BBB's with us this year, so many
of us "knew" each other, and of course welcomed many others into the fold so to speak.
We had a great time hanging out with new and old friends. We always like to think of
Hedo as a place where friendly strangers become strange friends by the end of the
week. The EC's were very visible and activities seemed to happen as planned. It has to
be one of the most active EC crews we've seen in a long, long time. All staff seem upbeat
and more than happy to please. So we are looking forward with anticipation to more
positive things to come for future trips. See y'all new New Years Eve!!
New Years Eve 2013/2014