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Lost our Virginity with the BBB

Just got back yesterday from 2 weeks of fun in the sun.
We arrived early morning on Christmas Eve and we were pretty unsure of what to expect... I
had nerves for weeks before, didn't think I could actually get nekkid.
We got to our room, had a nap and went for breakfast, saw our friends that flew in a few
hours after us as they were heading to their room to recuperate.
After breakfast we wandered around the prude side a bit getting our bearings, then grabbed
a drink and headed over to the nude side.
After all my worrying, I think it actually took about 30 seconds to get I have no
idea what I was so worried about!
It was the best Christmas I ever had, never spending it in the cold again!

We got in a few days before most of the BBBs got in but there was a few of us around and
for the most part we figured out who everybody was... I'm sure I missed some - next year!
The Bare Bottom Bunch are the friendliest group of people you will ever meet!
There was always someone around to talk to and hang out with.
There was so much fun stuff going on it's hard to know where to start....

The snorkelling and cave trip was so much fun except for the hat I lost... it's okay I got a pink
cowboy hat from the gift shop that became my identifying marker lol
The theme nights were so much fun and the ECs are amazing!

Scott and Sabina had so many fun activities planned and although the minute to win it got
rain delayed it was all good... If you do lunch time spin and have to play with red solo cups or
shake ping pong balls out of a Kleenex box tied to your ass, thank Scott and Sabina the next
time you see them lol.

The foam party in the disco was epic!!! The LMFAO crew was awesome! I am amazed those
wigs stayed on as long as they did! We danced for a good 2 or 3 hours with constant foam
which kept you cool. Awesome job guys!

The naked waterside every night was a blast! Best way to cool off from the disco and wake
up! My favourite part was the night when we were coming up the stairs for another slide and
these people walked by at the pool deck and said "Holy shit! They're naked" and our reply
was "Holy Shit! They have clothes on" Too funny!
The frozen T-shirt contest was a blast! Thanks for the rum!

My hubby still loves his dick shades! Although not as comfortable with clothes on lol.

New Years was a blast! The hotel put on an amazing show with fire breathers and trapeze
artist. It was so high energy and a great party.

My favourite theme night was school girl when my hubby dressed up as a nerd. It was the
funniest thing you ever saw. He played the part so well, it made me a little worried! He even
made the singer almost crack with his antics on the dance floor.

The karaoke take over party in the piano bar by Mark was a blast! Thanks to our bartender
who put up with us until 4am! Thanks Mark for all the fun that night, we weren't with your
group but you made us feel welcome!

After New Years, things slowed down a little and we were able to do a few out trips.
We went zip lining which was absolutely amazing, The 1600 foot one is a must! So much
fun! Horseback riding at Rhodes plantation was very cool but the best part was swimming in
the ocean with the horses. Checked off the bucket list! Rick's Cafe was very touristy and
probably something we will never do again. There were a couple bumps and some lessons
learned but all in all it was a great trip!

We met some amazing people on this trip who will be friends for a long long time!
We love you guys! You know who you are!
Thanks Scott and Sabina for all your hard work and help! You made us feel like we had been
part of the group forever.

Until next year - same time, same place! I'll be the one in the pink cowboy hat!

C & K
New Years Eve 2011/2012
NYE with Bare Bottom Bunch

This was our first NYE with the BBB and they made it so much fun! As a newbie they all made us
feel welcomed and included us in all activities. There was also always someone from the BBB
around at meal times inviting us to sit with them. We easily made many new friends and we are
so glad that we went with this group.

Highlights: The BBB had a foam party in the disco! It was filled almost shoulder high. As the
foam started to go down, they made MORE foam. They did this several times. The foam dropped
from the skylight and people took turns dancing through the falling bubbles! They BBB is such a
nice group that they invited everyone into the party. It was great!

Meet n Greet: We met in the piano bar for appetizers, drinks, fun, and prizes! We had an
opportunity to meet everyone in the group. We received bracelets to identify each other along with
other goodies.

Sunset photo: We met on the beach for a champagne party followed by our bare bottom photo in
the sunset (ladies only).

We played Minute to Win it: with many fun activities with a chance to win several awesome prizes.
Very highly organized and TONS of laughs.

Pussy Printing: I think I slept through this! LOL Near the end of the week we were completely
exhausted. This group will keep you going to the weee hours in the morning...........if you let them!!
LOL I really wanted to do this too! I guess i will have to wait until next year. Please bang on my
door if I am not there.

Too many other things to mention! Nude water slide every night at midnight to wake you up was
a necessity for us! We had our champagne toast at midnight where the group members all
seem to gather together to spend the ringing in the new year together with our glow theme
shining throughout Hedo! I know I am not mentioning everything.......too many to name. These
were our highlights.

Food, rooms, staff, etc...........all good!

Thank you BBB for making our vacation a memorable one! We will be returning next year and
can't wait. We have so many new friends that we met from the group. I hope this year flies by!

M & D