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New Years Eve week 2010 at a new resort for
us...Hedo2 Has turned out to be the best trip yet.
98 Bare Bottom Buncher's joined us this year
and we all had a blast. I must say that the resort
was up to par with plenty of hot water, water
pressure and A/C. Great news as well that
Serena (nude bar H3) has joined the staff at H2
and will be a welcome addition.
We now have a pole proudly displayed by the
Nude Pool at the resort, those that wanted have
had their names permanently engraved there with
lots of room for additions next year. Our Meet and
greet had the best food spread ever, held in the
disco, and the erotic gift exchange was extremely
well attended. There seemed to be a Fetish theme
happening this year with lots of bondage items
Dominatrix themed gifts. Our special theme night
this year was "fucked up Fairy Tales" and was
interesting to see the variety of outfits people put
Mad HAtters, superheros of all sorts, and of curse us with Peter Peter Pumkin
Although our Beach bonfire was cancelled
due to high winds, the highlight was the
Foam Party in the Disco. The resort took
the skylight out of the roof for us and the
machine we rented was put up there, with
foam falling down on us, we managed to fill
the Disco to mid chest height. Tons of fun
and Kudo's to Ken who showed up with a
mask and snorkel. This will definitely have  
to become a signature event and we do
plan on having agasin for Nye week 2011!!
Pussy printing was held at the Nude Pool (think fingerprints) and we managed
to print over 100 Pussy's, again another hit that we will repeat. Always nice to
have a souvenier to bring home, and in case your abducted, have something to
show the police for identification.
The Nude Cruise ran on a special day for
us Thursday, went to the reefs for
snorkelling and off to the caves in Negril for
some additional swimming. Entertainment
provided by Rasta Ralph...fair winds let the
dail up and we all had a great time cruising
around the blue seas. A must do again.
Of course the highlight of the week is always New Years Eve and Hedo 2 did it
up right, plenty of entertainment and lots of dancing and partying going on.
Although Hedo2 would not reserve us tables this year, some of the group
managed to snag us a group of tables to sit together...thanks all for organizing
this behind our backs...was a pleasant surprise. Balloon drop at midnight to
ring in the New Year, and plenty of  activities after with the Disco open and on
outside piano bar on the patio ended the night like we can in no place
Looking forward to seeing everyone again next year for another
do-over...number 7 this time...
well attended, but did increase the odds for those taking part...7 games on the
beach, best 5 card poker hand won, Congratulations Bob with 4 all
in hand if we've ever seen one, closely followed by Pablo and Debbie missing
a royal flush by a Jack of Hearts...