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96 Bare Bottom Bunchers participating with the group again this year.
Unique to this years trip was perfect weather...we only had 15 minutes of
rain the entire time we were down...sunshine every day, and lots of red
bottoms to prove it.
Once again the events we lined up were well attended and lots of fun. The
Meet and Greet at the Piano Bar with Naughty T-shirt time was a hoot...lots
of great T shirts were worn. Gift Bags were handed out and the towels with
Logo were a big Hit. Had the rest of the resort wondering where all the
yellow towels came from!!
The gift exchange was the most popular event and well attended by 24
couples, a white elephant type exchange with plenty of stealing back and
forth of gifts once again. A special surprise was the swag that Mark/Jo-anne
brought down...a whole duffle bag of stuff for everyone...the X-small red
Tshirts were a hit with the ladies...we should have run a wet t-shirt contest
with those!
For those that went on the Nude cruise, a wild time was had by all...Tim was
truly a wild man, making for a comical adventure. Too bad the ocean was so
rough that day, we had many last minute cancellations to avoid the
understandable sea sickness!
Daily Jello shots were enjoyed by all...especially once Sabina learned to
tone them down a bit...those first few were wildly strong....Just as bad as the
rum punch they made us for our hot tub games...whew that was a potent
New Years Eve "Glitz,Glimmer and Glow" night was also succesful, a great
meal, plenty of dancing and of course the mandatory midnight waterslide
run! Dinner was open air on the terrace,well decorated...loved the sailboat in
the prude pool.
We ran the "scavenger hunt, with roadblock (3 legged race)" for our official
Castaways crew...prize being 3 free nights awarded to Andy/Shanna for the
second year in a row..congratulations guys...they returned in an amazing 18 year a bit more even for everyone...we'll organize a poker run
for something different.
Overall it was another great trip, met many old friends who travel every year,
and of course many,many new people to the group. Also welcome next year
to all the friends we met down there that we included in the group and talked
Sabina and Scott also took a side adventure after the trip over to Hedo 2 to
check it out first hand rather than "hear say". We had an amazing time and
posted the trip report on our group a result...although we love
Hedo 3, after 6 trips there, it's time for a new off to Hedo 2
for New Years Eve 2010...hope you can join the Bunch for our next
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