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Thanks to all who chose to join us to ring in the New Year, and thanks for
making it special!!  
Everything this year ran smoothly from the meet and greet party in the Piano
Bar, Everyones silly t-shirts were great! Dinner later Sunday night at
Pastafri, was awesome to get everyone to sit down together for a meal!
Monday brought about the nude cruise on the Cool Runnings. If you only
manage to do one excursion while at Hedo 3 this would have to be it! A
great time and lots of silly  antics were had by all. Munasan that night was
again special...good food good times, although we were all beat from the
sun and surf on the boat. Tuesday's gift exchange, white elephant style was
tons of fun, lots of thieving of gifts and of course, strategy taking place to
re-steal the gifts. Some really unique ideas showed up again, the bottle of
Absynthe and the "strap on" proving to be most popular. The next day
brought about a little contest for the three free night stay next year...

Congratulations Andy/Shanna, and no excuses for NYE 09...see you again
in Jamaica. New Years Eve...what can we say...awesome Party on the Pool
deck, and we can't imagine a better place to celebrate than Hedo 3 with our
new friends. Unfortunatly everyone was too hungover  
next day, so we all just lazed around the nude pool. Room decorations were
excellent and a special congrats to     

Ken/Darla for their outstanding efforts in the room from hell! Anyway, as
space is limited we'll have to wrap up with an amazing trip, one to go into
the Bare Bottom Bunch Hall of Fame...After 3 years in a row the trip can be
summed up as a great experience and for all of you that missed it...New
Years 2009 is less than a year away!!!
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