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We were down to Hedo 3 Dec. 27th to Jan 6/07 this year and managed to
basketball net. The food was amazing, way,way too much...and everything
imaginable including grilled lobster.The show was awesome, although a bit
long...and considering the sellout crowd, there was not really any wait for
food or drink. Champagne flowed in copius amounts as well. The only
downside was the torrential downpour right in the middle of dinner, but the
staff were great and cleared the soggy linens and food in a matter of a few
minutes. Of course the mandatory water slide run shortly after midnight.
Weather...Upper 80's all week, the evening a bit cooler, but nothing to stop
our nekkid butts from running around at all hours. Typical Caribbean
weather...rained every day for 15-20 minutes...intereting to see everyone run
for cover...even though you're naked, who cares...jump in the hot tub.
Did the nude cruise on Thursday this year...23 Hedo people and a few from
other resorts, they didn't want to strip down, but our Hedo girls took care of
that and got them naked anyway.
Kind of a weird Hedo trip as the slutwear was noticably absent. As a group
we decided on a "shock and awe" campain and had to show the people
what a real Hedo vacation was all about. Even Toga night was a poor
showing...not sure what happened to the "no sheet, no eat" policy. PJ night
was a ton of fun again, although we did have a bit of problem with too much
skin showing at Pastafari and had to cover up with a towel to get in...that
lasted as long as it took to get to our seats. EC staff still awesome, full of
energy and did their best to get everyione involved in various activities.
PDA's were there if you looked hard enough, not as in your face as previous
trip, but always interesting to play voyeur and see what's up.
People we met are too numerous to mention, and not wanting to forget
anyone we'll leave that part out. Was another greeat trip and really looking
forward to a do-over again next year...See Y'all for New Years.

Sabina and Scott
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