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Ken and Darla’s Hedo III Wedding Adventure

For those of you who don’t know the story, I’ll give you a little background to catch
y’all up.  Darla and I have both been married before, so when we got engaged
back in June, she told me she didn’t need a big wedding, and she didn’t want to
stress about anything…”I just want it to be special, I want it to be ‘us’…”  So I
offered to surprise her…I love planning surprises…but I told her straight out, if you
agree, I’m taking care of everything – from the location, to the packing, to the
wedding dress, right down to your shoes and jewelry…She loved the idea –
those of you who were lucky enough to meet her can understand what kind of
woman it takes to turn over control like that! We set the date, and the rest was up
to me.  So now the big challenge – to plan the perfect wedding, while keeping it a
surprise, and make it ‘us’…

Fast forward to Atlanta airport on the morning of January 4/06, as we get off the
plane from Dallas she is trying to act excited 'cause she thinks  this is where
we're going to start our life together . I had amazingly enough managed to keep
everything secret to this point, even going as far as sneaking the passports to the
ticket agent in Dallas. Atlanta made sense to her-our first romantic weekend two
years prior had been spent there, and her best friend,who we had just spent New
Years in Dallas with us lived there as well.
As she started towards baggage claim I said "Atlanta's nice, but let's check out
the international terminal". I walked her down past gate after gate of exotic
locations, Antigua, Bermuda, Hawaii, Berlin, I admit I tormented her for a few
minutes as we walked past Montego Bay for the third time, I whispered "Let's try
Jamaica". The look on her face was priceless folks, she looked like the little child
seeing the new bike under the christmas tree and dreaming of the adventures to
come our way...She knew right away where we were headed and the bear hug I
received in the middle of Atlanta airport was enough to know I had chosen well.
Ok, so on the airplane, my excitement finally spilling over after months of
planning, chatting,researching, and augmenting her wardrobe with sexy outfits
and one incredibly revealing toga. We had never done anything like this before,
except maybe a late night skinny dip in the backyard..but we had on one
occassion talked about a place like Hedonism and how that would fit right into
our outlook on life. So this was a roll of the dice on my part. I was as "educated"
as one could be I guess, having poured over bulletin board on the net, posting a
few questions, and e-mailing folks before we went to get to know a few that would
be there the same time as us etc...I kind of knew what to expect, and that eased
my mind a tad. I couldn't imagine how she was feeling, knowing in a few hours we
wouldn't be in Kansas anymore Toto...
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