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             Hedo 2 Theme Nights

WEDNESDAY – Fetish Night
Leather, Lace Drss to impres with your favorite Fetish Outfits

THURSDAY – Toga Night/Foam Party
A Popular night to dress in your Toga...Bring one or make your own!
Time to be creative, after dinner, the Foam Party...Dance outside the
Disco covered in Foam!

Dress As Your Favorite Rock Idol And Party Like A Rock Star

SATURDAY  -- Hats and Heels
Hat and Heels, something sexy up to the imagination in the middle

SUNDAY – New Years Eve
Classy Sexy Styling accessorized with light...Glow sticks, LED's
whatever adds lights to your outfits!

MONDAY – Jamaica Night
Show your Jamaica colors...

TUESDAY – Bare as You Dare Pool Rave Party
Choose neon colours and d
ance under the stars, glow stick, blinkies,
LED...a fun night to say the least!

*NOTE: We "rule" by collaboration and the group will sometimes chan
ge a theme night around and we have our own unique theme nights to
replace the ones we don't like. Info will be posted as decisions are ma
de. (Some replacement nights have been "Heaven and Hell" or
Naughty Nurses"...Each year is a bit different)
This Year we are going
with the resort Themes