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Bare Bottom Bunch NUDE CRUISE
Aboard the Negril Party Catamaran
US$55 per person (Extra cost for Tour)
Yes, again Hedonism II continues to push the envelope -- au natural wise!   And, the
Hedonism II legend continues to grow ...  this time with the introduction of the all new
Hedonism II all nude cruise on the Cool Cool Runnings catamaran.
Cool Cool Runnings, Picks you up at the Water sports Dock, and offers resort guests the
opportunity to bare it all ... and party hearty from "sails ho" aboard this modern, steel, twin
hull sailboat, until it docks back at the pier!

Upon arrival at the pier, guests-turned- passengers climb aboard this "Cat" for an morning
of fun, festivities and frivolity ... sans swim suits ... or anything else!

Make YOUR plans to be aboard the All New, All NUDE CRUISE from Hedonism II on your next
visit to the resort!

Information from their web site